blog post 10, aliens vs time travel

For this weeks blog post we were asked to discuss our opinions on a widely disputed topic. Aliens and time travel, the question was do you believe it is more likely that there is time travel or that there’s aliens. In my personal opinion I think it is more likely for there to be aliens than time travel. There are so many planets in space so many to the point where we don’t even know how many there are. I do not feel there is any way that earth is the only planet in space that both can support life and has life on it. Scientists have discovered on other planets such as mars that there is evidence their could have been the materials on the planet that could have supported life forms. Time travel is seems more far fetched to me, there would have to be someone that could bend time and space and travel either to the future or the past. Someone would be able to bend time and what happens in the future based on what he or she could do to change the past. To me personally thinking that their could be other forms of life on other planets is more reasonable than someone that could change the past or future by time traveling. Sometimes I feel like people are to focused on ourselves and earth to take a step back and take a look at the size of space and that their would most definitely be other forms of life out there. I think people are also to scared to come to a conclusion like this.

Blog Post 9

For this blog post we were instructed to visit a local war memorial and then analyze its form. I chose to do the korean war memorial in Atlantic City, the real reason I chose this memorial was because of the location and how close it was to me. Nevertheless I still found it very interesting to look at it and really think into depth on what it memorialized and why it was set up the way it was. The memorial has two walls when looking at it, the wall on your left has names on it and is made of like a black marble type stone. There is then a white wall connecting that wall to bigger wall made of separate pieces of stone compared to the one solid piece of marble that the other one is made out of. Both walls have waterfalls going over them. The bigger wall has six soldiers that are walking out of it over a ledge. One of the men is being carried by a fellow soldier the rest of the men are walking with their heads up looking they just came out of battle with all their gear still on. In front of this part of the wall their is a much bigger statue of a soldier. This soldier is standing with his head down, his weapon slung behind his back, a clenched fist and his helmet is sitting in his hand. This soldier seems to be more upset or in anger, as he reflects on the past or the war. This memorial really did make me think about how the artist organized the memorial and how it reflected what happened as well as the story behind it.

Blog Post 8

There have been many influential members of americas society that have shaped it into what it is now. Two of the more influential in recent history are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, everyone knows that they played a huge role in many important events in America’s history. Martin Luther King stood up for equal rights ,and people listened sparking a great movement towards equality. Malcolm X, stood up for the same type of rights, equal rights for all no matter what their background or skin color was. If they were to be alive right now, I feel like they would almost want to laugh. The issues we have now a days probably seem would seem so small to them and would probably have a very well thought out approach to the problems at hand. Many of the issues we have today are somewhat similar to the problems they faced years ago, there are still problems when it comes to race and religion, but I would feel compelled to say that there was not as big of a problem with terrorism or at least as bad as it is now. There is a huge amount of hate that goes around this world and it leads to nothing but problems. I think that today’s society is missing a leader or person everyone can look up to, someone similar to Martin Luther King or Malcolm X.

Blog post 7

Love is usually a very disputed concept, at first its disputed if the concept is even real. Another question, that could be disputed is whether family affection is stronger than romantic love. Personally, I believe that family affection is stronger than romantic love. This is because no matter happens with family they are still family and there will always be a bond. If something happens in a relationship and the relationship ends there may still be some form of love there between the two people, but it will never be as strong as the bond that is shared between family members. Family members are together since birth, family members spend immense amounts of time together their whole lives. You learn more about family members than anyone else, you typically also spend more time with your family members overall than that one person you may meet somewhere in your life. Some people may argue that romantic love is stronger because of that immense feeling you have for someone when you first meet that special person. The only thing is that even if you meet that special person there is a possibility that, that special person can leave. Family is around for as long as they are alive and that’s more than a lot of people can say about friends and even their partners.

Why are Horror movies so Popular in America?

There are many movie genres that are persistent in the movie industry. One of the bigger genres that are out there is horror, it is one of the bigger genres out there and always has new movies flooding that particular market. There are so many different types of horror movies out there, such as supernatural horror movies or ones that seem almost like they could happen in real life. I believe that horror movies in America are so popular because of the excitement produced from the movies. The shock and the scare factor produced by the movies in certain scenes keep people on their toes during the movie until they are sent jumping and screaming when they are scared. Every type of movie in the horror genre has its own sub genre it could fit into. Whether it be supernatural or more life like. Some movies like Stephen King’s IT is more supernatural in the fact that it is about a clown that feeds off of children’s fear. Then there is also movies like the Netflix original Hush which is about a deaf and mute girl who lives in the woods who both her and her friends gets attacked. This is more realistic then the big clown. Overall, Americans like horror movies for the shock and aw, for the jump and then bad plots. Everything about a horror movie is great.

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Blog Post 5

There are two forms of horror stories. There is the supernatural or the stuff such as aliens and stuff like that but there is also the real-life horror stories, the stuff that could actually happen in real life. The supernatural stories are the ones that are more notable, such as ones with aliens or demons. Such as the movie Alien or Stephen King’s “IT”. Both are very well-known stories that fall into the supernatural category. There is also other stories or movies that fall into another category, such as the movie “Hush” that is on Netflix or all the exorcism movies, like “The Exorcism or Emily Rose” that was based off of real-life events. These movies like many others fall into the real-life category. The main question is which category produces the more terrifying results. In other words which form of stories is more likely to scare you. Personally, I think that the real-life horror movies and stories are more terrifying than the supernatural movies and stories. This is simply for one reason. The real-life horror stories could happen in your life all though there is a slim chance there is still the possibility of it happening, compared to the supernatural stories where there is no chance that it could happen in your life. Just think about it, the chances of someone attacking a mute girl in the woods that lives by herself is a lot higher then someone being hunted by a killer clown that feeds on children’s fears.

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My Own Horror Movie

If I were to create my own horror movie the plot would have to be something that would scare or frighten the viewer but make still make sure it is a quality movie. I think it would start with the main character Jack getting out of school right as summer beings. He gets together with three of his best friends and they sit down and want to make sure that this summer is the best one they have had yet. They start off by going to the beach like most kids would, going sitting on the beach, going for a swim in the ocean and of course going down the boardwalk. On the car ride back home, they see that some of the kids they go to school with where going on a hike to this high up cliff to go cliff jumping. Immediately they wanted to go do the same thing. Just to one up the other kids they wanted to go jump off the cliff at night. They planned it out that once they got back from the beach they would hike up to this cliff and jump off just to one up the kids that did it previously. As they got to the top of the cliff that night they noticed it started to rain, but they were not about to turn back now since they got to the top of the cliff. Jack was at the top and was the last one to jump in his three friends were already in the water. As Jack ran to jump off the cliff lighting struck the water. His three friends were laying in the water unconscious. As he was trying to help them up the water started to move in a circle like a whirl pool. Quickly the water got faster and faster and it sucked up Jack and his friends. Jack thought that he was going to drown, little did he know there was a cave underneath and now they will have to figure a way out.

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